Actiondale | A Full Service Recording Studio
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Big studio sound, small studio vibe

Established in 1997, Actiondale is Washington, D.C.’s premier independent studio. We offer big studio experience in a small package with world-class analog signal chains, cutting edge digital gear, time-tested musical production and one-stop service – without big room rates.


We are a full service recording studio focused on classic production vibes. You can get it all done here, at a reasonable rate, in a relaxed environment with world-class gear.


Owner Mike Harvey knows what its like to be on the other side of the glass and want to make a great record. We’ve got decades of production experience and cutting edge technique to make that happen for you. And we’re nice guys.


With changing standards and practices for loudness, and a dizzying array of new release formats, mastering can be a confusing final step – but we will help you through it. We can get your releases sounding great in any environment from CD to iTunes or YouTube.

Like what you see?  Lets get in touch and talk about your next record.


Actiondale started as an 8 track studio in the late 80’s as a private demo studio and as a result of less than great sessions with large local studios of the time. Many of the groups that I shared stages with had a similar experience, and out of need, a business was born.

I wanted to create a space where musicians would be listened to, where songs and arrangements were seen as an integral part of the recording process and where the goal was to elevate the recording experience for the client.

ADAT technology made it possible to get in the game in the 90’s and the evolution of Pro Tools and digital technology enabled me to create and offer a more complete alternative to some of the more established Metro D.C. recording venues.

-Mike Harvey


Mike Harvey

As an audio technology instructor at American University, I will on occasion revel in my surroundings, what a beautiful sound studio! - and think about my path to teaching: an adolescent kid collecting 45 RPM records, a teenager tinkering with a tape machine, a young man playing and recording east of the Mississippi in a number of serious bands “going for it”, and finally serving the community of Metro D.C. musicians for 25+ years as the owner of recording facility.

Engineer / Mastering Engineer

Samuel Rees

Sam holds a degree in Audio Production and Political Science from American University and started Actiondale's mastering program. He has been developing and embracing cutting edge mastering techniques for digital releases and is already making waves with a 2015 release on Billboard.

Does your band need something you don’t see here?

Many clients have unique needs, and not everything we can do is listed here. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about any audio services you require.